March Madness Champion: Remember the Titans


Our Championship matchup between The Sandlot and Remember the Titans ended in a deadlocked vote between our hosts. We brilliantly decided to use The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game to decide our winner. Why not pit a baseball film against a football film and decide it using a basketball game?

The Sandlot was assigned to Gonzaga since they are on the west coast just like the movie and they have a dog mascot, and a dog is a main character in the film. Remember the Titans takes place in Virginia so it was assigned to The University of North Carolina as they are east coast neighbors. The game was close but ultimately UNC prevailed so…

Our Inaugural March Movie Madness Champion is Remember the Titans!


No surprise here that when you combine Disney, Denzel, football, and a great soundtrack you come away with a sports classic. This 2000 film focuses on the true story of coach Herman Boone (played by Denzel Washington) and his 1971 attempt to integrate the TC Williams High School (local to our podcast) football team. The movie received great reviews at the time it was released and has aged well. It is still worth checking out everytime you come across it on cable TV. The soundtrack is laced with a lot of 70’s classsic rock and R & B from Creedence Clearwater Revival, to Marvin Gaye and Cat Stevens, to The Hollies. The political storyline, although set in the 70’s, still seems timely as well. Yes, since it is Disney, it may be cliche. However, I see that as an advantage since it is a family film and has a positive message. If it’s possible you’ve never seen this, please check it out.

Our bracket was conducted totally unscientifically and decided mostly by tiebreakers and chance, however we are pleased with the outcome and look forward to bringing you more bracket challenges in the future. Brian also had an exceptionally successful night since his pick won our bracket, and he is a huge UNC fan. Win-Win for him!

Let us know your thoughts at our email, did we make a good choice? What bracket would you like to see us tackle next?

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