March Movie Madness Championship


Just like Saturday Night’s exciting Final Four matchups, we narrowed down our Final Four and just have our Championship left to be decided. Check out our updated bracket!

The Sandlot beat A League of Their Own and Remember the Titans beat Major League to set up a nice Baseball vs. Football classic.

Check back on Tuesday’s show to hear our 1st March Movie Madness Champion!

Let us know your opinion, what’s the best sports movie Remember the Titans or The Sandlot? Were we way off? Shoot us an email.

2 thoughts on “March Movie Madness Championship

  1. As hard as this is to say, because I LOVE both movies… I have to go with The Sandlot. Remember the Titans is an incredible movie but the Sandlot is inundated with memories and quotable quotes that will forever be in my heart. I really enjoyed following your bracket so do another one….. I recommend best “hero” movie. Snootchie Bootchies!!


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