March Movie Madness: Final Four


We are coming down to the end of our March Movie Madness bracket challenge of the best sports movies of all time. All of our hosts voted and The Sandlot moved on to face A League of Their Own. On the other side of our bracket, we had to go to a tiebreaker on the Elite 8 matchup of Rocky vs. Remember the Titans. The most scientific way we could think of was to get the opinions of the 6 Real Housewives of Take Too. Their votes decided that Remember the Titans would move on to face off against Major League. We also eliminated another host from the running. Beau is back on the bench, while Roy, Craig, and Brian still have a horse in the race. Tune in to our next episode when we unveil our championship match and our March Movie Madness champion.

Check out our updated Bracket here.

3 thoughts on “March Movie Madness: Final Four

  1. I have really enjoyed following your bracket shenanigans (I called it) and think the next one should be open to followers of the podcast and this site. My only gripe is why are there no movies that involve wrestling?!! It’s real and it’s a real sport!!!! I am mostly directing this at Craig as I know he’s probably the only one that could name three movies that centered around professional wrestling…


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