Amazon Pilot shows

It has become that time again!


Amazon is back at it with FIVE new TV shows for you to vote on. You the viewer decides who stays and who goes. Any or all of these shows can go from one pilot episode to a full 20 episode season simply from your vote!

Visit Amazons Website and watch each one of these pilot episodes. Then take the survey. I’m not gonna lie…..the survey isn’t the quickest. Regardless, once done you will have cast your choice for which of these shows will actually get made into a full season. The others will be gone forever.

I was able to knock out each of these pilots in a day. Two of them are just under an hour while the other three hover just under thirty minutes. I wound up watching these shows in descending order to how I felt about them. Pure coincidence it happened that way, but maybe it was the force guiding my choices?

91gh8P6tMUL._UR267,200_FMJPG_Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was by far my favorite. 1958 housewife Midge Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan, is the ultimate supporter of her husband who longs to be a stand up comedian. When things go south and he decides to leave, Midge realizes that maybe comedy had been her true calling all along. This role may have been written specifically for Brosnahan. She is truly perfect in it. Amy Sherman-Palladino of Gilmore Girls fame is the writer/creator of this project and the quick-witted humor is truly well done. My vote went straight to this show and hopes it gets made. My DVR is already set to record!

51OlzK7J+hL._SX200_QL80_Oasis is the syfy genre show of the five finalists. I enjoyed it enough to want to know more. Set in the future, humans are colonizing a nearby planet. Something is wrong and a Priest, played by Richard Madden is requested to join the colony. Once on the new planet he begins to learn that the environment is far from the only challenge here. The minds and emotions of the people there are starting to act strangely. The show drops a solid cliffhanger that alone encourages you to vote for it. The whole point of entertainment is to make the audience want more and this show succeeds.

91XvwzRlyDL._UR267,200_FMJPG_Budding Prospects never stood a chance with me. Never have I been a fan of drunk or drug humor. And that is what this entire show is about. Three men are offered an opportunity to move from their hippie lives in San Francisco out to a remote farm to grow mass amounts of weed. I have zero interest in seeing if their new illegal venture succeeds.  If you’re into that style humor then this show is for you..maybe.

A1RDE+QmVXL._UR267,200_FMJPG_The Legend of Master Legend is intriguing. John Hawkes stars in this unique show about a man who has now devoted his life to being a superhero. The flaw is he has no super powers and is regarded as a loon around town. If you saw him walking the streets in his outfit you too would ponder what this guy is up to. But the storyline does have intrigue. His wife and daughter asked him to leave their home, yet they still love him. This show actually could be a fun redemption story or it could be a boring waste of John Hawkes talent..

914PYd-zHjL._UR267,200_FMJPG_The NEW V.I.P.s honestly is a pure waste of time. I think the characters from Budding Prospects got high and created this show. I hated everything about this crass Family Guy knock off style humor. That is all I have to say about that.


Overall, I really hope Maisel and Oasis are made into a full season. I can see myself investing time into those story-lines and characters. Check out all five of the shows from Amazon Prime and after you cast your vote, email us and let us know what you think!


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