This is Us – season one review

realThisIsUs.jpgThe first season of a show is usually a scary one for the show makers. No matter the ratings or response from audiences, shows are at the mercy of the networks regarding being renewed. If the network decides to move forward with a second season it is custom that they usually announce the good news some time late in the year. NBC made their decision a little earlier than the norm for This Is Us. The day after only the 12th episode had aired, NBC announced that indeed the show was getting rewarded with another two seasons. Yes, you read that right. They renewed the show for a season two and three!

The ratings and reviews for this show exploded in the positive from the very beginning. Every Wednesday morning water cooler buzzed about the previous nights episode. A lot of times the question of “Did you cry?” was being asked. In February the show broke a ratings record for largest week to week jump when it went from over 9 million viewers to more than 14 million. The show was an instant success and carried it throughout the entire season.

The show used a unique flashback style of story telling to entrench us deep into the lives of the Pearson family. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia play Rebecca and Jack Pearson, the parents to a unique set of triplets born in 1981. Two of the kids, Kevin and Kate, are actual twins but Randall is who makes them unique. He was left at a fire station after birth and then delivered to the hospital. Originally Jack and Rebecca were pregnant with triplets but lost one of the babies during the birth. Their hearts and fate were far too strong and they chose to bring home Randall as well. The added twist to this impossible scenario is that Randall is black while the rest of the Pearsons are white.

Every other scene flashes from the beginnings of this family to present day. The present day storyline follows a consistent timeline while the flashes to the past change. Each look back links a moment or story from this families past that relates to why events happening during present day hold such meaning. This style of story telling is what captures you as a viewer. Not only are you following a present day and a flashback story but also the connections between then and now!

What an amazing journey the cast of This is Us took us on this season. We have been able to see to people fall madly in love, make decisions that changes lives, and cope with unbelievable heartache and sadness. The emotional rollercoaster was both unexpected and welcomed when compared to other dramas. Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz play the current day/adult versions of the triplets and it truly is difficult to decided which cast member carries the show the most. Between the parents storylines and the adult kids, everyone takes turns driving this show.

This show tugs at not only heartstrings but emotional feelings that every day families cope with. Racial issues, obesity, loss of loved ones, family turmoil and deceit as well as a large amount of self discovery all pack into each episode.  America quickly became invested in each character because of how easily we could see ourselves and loved ones inside all of them. It is the authentic emotions from these characters and their love for each other that rises above everything else.

The acting is solid from top to bottom. The storylines and characters are engaging. The tears you will be crying will be real. If you haven’t started watching, you need to start right now. Seriously, stop reading this and go watch.thisisus

Possibly the only gripe is that the season finale felt more like a midseason filler than the culmination of an amazing freshman season. The cliffhanger it leaves you with gives worry that one of the characters may just ruin the whole thing. That answer though, we will not have until September.

For now – we loved This Is Us.

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