Unseen films – Beau 1968


Being the elder of our little Podcast family, I had the year 1968. A quick search on the Google and the first movie to pop up was 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had heard a lot about it, but never got around to seeing it. The movie is slow going with a lot of silent scenes. Very little dialogue, but the special effects were amazing for the year it was made. I can see why the critics and audiences in 1968 loved this movie, but seeing movies with better and more advanced special effects made this one a little boring for me.

The story of intelligent beings watching earth and affecting it’s evolution is actually quite good and I feel it would stand up now with a better script and more dialogue and maybe a better ending. The AI computer known as HAL made a pretty creepy “bad guy” when he tries to stop the crew from altering the mission. All in all I would give it a 6 out 10.


I’m not a huge fan of satanic worship movies or horror movies for that matter, but I picked this movie because it was #2 on the Google. Rosemary’s Baby is about a young couple in New York who move into an apartment where the neighbors are all part of a devil worshipping cult. Rosemary is chosen to carry Satan’s baby unbeknownst to her. Her husband, however, knows and allows it to happen in exchange for a successful acting career. She slowly figures it out and the movie ends very anticlimactically with the birth.

Another movie with a story that is good, but because of horrible acting and sub par dialogue, it was only ok for me. However, I believe it could do well now with a better script and actors. 5 demons out of 10 for me.


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