Selection Sunday: Sweet 16


A week has gone by and we cut our March Movie Madness Bracket in half. All 6 hosts submitted their picks and we actually had 3 matchups end in a tie. We called on our Hollywood friend Kacey Spivey for the tiebreaking vote. The updated bracket can be found here

We said goodbye to some classic films…Hoosiers, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Mighty Ducks, and Happy Gilmore. We also set up some interesting matchups in the next round. Rocky faces off against Rocky Balboa, Varsity Blues against Rudy, and Remember the Titans against Rocky 4.

Check back with us next week during our Facebook live event on Monday March 20th where will announce our picks for the Elite 8.

One thought on “Selection Sunday: Sweet 16

  1. Upon taking a second look at the brackets, the only thing I would say is that you may have too many Rocky movies in the mix. The whole Rocky franchise is amazing (I even liked the unspoken one with Tommy Gunn) but to include every single one in the brackets left other great sport movies sitting at the kid’s table….. just my two cents.


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