Suits – season 6 review

Starring: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle

Airing on the USA Network the sixth season of the hit TV show Suits has just concluded. I have been a big fan of this show from day one. More a fan of it than Prince Harry is of Meghan Markle. -they’re dating in real life-

Sadly though, this season was a miss for me. Oh, before I go on I must warn you that there shall be spoilers ahead. If you have yet to catch up on the show please hustle up and then come back to this review!

SPOILERS     SPOILERS   Spoil… get the idea..


Where was I, ah right, this season wasn’t great. I was actually looking forward to this year. The first four seasons had dealt with the same base plot line. Mike isn’t a lawyer and the whole firm is getting away with it. Then finally in season five things got fun. More and more people found out the big secret and better yet – Mike was going to finally pay the consequences. I wasn’t rooting for Mike to go to jail but I was certainly happy that a fresh new storyline had emerged.

That brings us to season seven. Mike is in jail and the law firm is about to fold because the world now knows the truth about them all. Except….that lasts maybe a whole entire 2 episodes? Immediately Harvey finds a way to get Mike out of jail early. Serving his two year sentence is just a travesty and they now must go to great lengths to get Mike out. Why?!? I don’t understand why there was so much energy spent here. Let Mike serve his time while the rest of the firm gets their stuff back together. I hated the entire first half of the season doing nothing but desperately bending over backwards just to get Mike out of jail. Especially when truth be told it should have been much worse than just Mike serving a quick two year sentence. The whole firm should have been in there!

Moving on. The second half of the season then focused on Mike rebounding and finding a job thats not law related….except day one out of jail he applies to five new firms. Then the focus becomes about cutting a deal with yet another shady lawyer that allows Mike to actually pass the Bar and for once become a real life lawyer. And it happens!!!

I’m rambling. I know. Mostly because I felt this season rambled. Why couldn’t they find new and fresh directions for these characters. I enjoyed when Mike got a job merely as a consultant to young pro-bono lawyers. He was then actually legally and morally helping people. Yet in the end Season seven next year will begin with rainbows. Mike not only out of jail 20 months early but also now an actual lawyer. Plus the pro-bono firm will be taken under the corporate wing of Pearson Specter Litt. Oh, and Harvey is the head honcho and Mike has a beautiful new office. The only drama the show left for next year is Louis tragically having his fiance’ leave him. I feel by episode three he will have a good mud session and move on.

I love this show and it hasn’t lost me. I just felt this season missed a new direction that would have benefitted the viewers and characters. Instead everyone came up roses proving that these two guys never ever lose….kinda boring.

this season:   6 out of 10


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