Logan review

This weekend half of our hosts, along with half the world, went to check out Hugh Jackman’s final time playing Wolverine. Here are their thoughts…


A masterful piece of filmmaking. An engaging storyline filled with character development and an intriguing plot. Action packed from start to finish while adding in a heart felt sub-plot to tug at your emotions. Oh and did I mention – it’s a comic book movie?
This is the Hugh Jackman, and even Patrick Stewart swan song for characters they have played for more than 16 years. You can only hope after such an investment into any character, let alone the hearts of fanboys everywhere, that Jackman could deliver a final performance worthy of all our dreams. In my opinion – he does!
Logan is a film that makes you proud to have invested all this time into these comic movies all these years. It plays gritty without being dark. (Take note DCEU) Time is not wasted with back story or an over explanation of each individual character we see on screen. Instead we are allowed to sit back and enjoy watching a film that I hope we see recognized next year around awards season. No spoilers or diving any deeper into the details of this story from me. You need to go see it for that.
High praise from me for Logan. Yes, nostalgia and love for both the character and the job that Hugh Jackman did with it for 16 years is a factor. I can only hope that each of these comic franchises takes a page from Logan and wraps so perfectly as it does.
9 out of 10

I have to say when I went to see the movie Logan this weekend, I didn’t really know what to expect. I went in thinking about the last two X-Men movies, that felt like a let down to me. I also know many can and will argue that the film Deadpool signaled  a turnaround for Fox and the X-Men universe. I have to say that it did, and then with the release of X-men Age of  Apocalypse it was back to businesses as usual.

I read that some critics were comparing this film to the Dark Knight, which is very high praise. So I had conflicting emotions going into this film, to say the least. Now after seeing this movie I can safely say  this was not one of the best comic book films that I have seen, but instead it is one the best modern day wild west dramas that I’ve seen. I would have to say that this film is a mix of 3-10 to Yuma, No Country For Old Men, and The retelling of the Old Man Logan story ( without the inbred Hulk family). The dialogue was pretty good, and the acting was solid. This film also has a very sad undertone, that you feel as the  movie progresses. You go along waiting for the other shoe to drop, and you know it’s coming, and that’s a large part of what makes this move great.

Like I said earlier this is  more of a drama than a comic film, and  that is okay with me. I hope that maybe this style of comic film will shake things up in the comic book movie world, which to me is getting a little stale and too similar. That being said, go check out Logan. It’s a really good film, just don’t go in expecting the usual run-of-the-mill, comic book film and you will find it really enjoyable.




In what will be Hugh Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine, Logan was a gritty take on a Marvel hero.  Set in the near future where mutants are basically gone, an older Logan works as a limo driver and is the caretaker for a less mentally stable Charles Xavier. They cross paths with a young girl with similar abilities as Logan and help her escape from a group trying to capture her. 

   The film has an R rating which allows them to be more graphic when Logan unleashes his claws. I thought the movie was well done and had a lot of great gory, Wolverine slicing action.

8 out of 10 claws!



 From everyone at Take Too, a big thanks to Hugh Jackman for a great portrayal of a classic comic book hero! Hard to believe he wasn’t the original actor cast in the role. 9 film appearances later and we can’t imagine anyone else in the role.

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