The Receipt

Behind every receipt, there’s a great story.

I love a challenge. I love random filmmaking. Walmart decided to provide me with both to enjoy.
The Receipt is a challenge that Walmart presented to four filmmakers. They gave them a Walmart receipt with only six items listed.

  • 1lb bananas
  • batteries
  • paper towels
  • scooter
  • wrapping paper
  • a video baby monitor.

The filmmakers then needed to make a one minute film based on these items.

Unveiled during Oscar weekend Antoine Fuqua, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg and Marc Foster created three unique pieces of art with this project. Fuqua and Foster made films that used an actual plot line and story. After watching you are left actually wanting toreceiptwalmart see more. Rogen & Goldberg went a little more fun with their film. A musical of sorts that sang about each item, but in a different style.

I recommend checking out this fun little project. It will only take three minutes to watch them all but to appreciate unique filmmaking lasts a lifetime.

The Receipt films can be found here. If you gave the hosts of Take Too a film challenge what would it be about? Comment below or email your thoughts!



One thought on “The Receipt

  1. First of all, thank you for mentioning this. Each film was great in and of itself but all three together really showcases the styles and talents of each director. To watch them all for, as you say, the “unique filmmaking” aspect, really brings to light that simple things often lead to great ideas.

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