Taboo Season Finale

8 episodes have come and gone so quickly. I feel like we barely knew James Delaney, but what we did get to know was a bad ass man of few words that followed through with awesome actions.


Taboo was the tale of James Delaney and his mission to control a port in the newly formed country of America. With that control he would also obtain a monopoly on trade with China. All of this made him an immediate threat to the powerful East India Company and an enemy of England. He assembled a rag tag bunch of cast offs to help him succeed, using bribery and threats when necessary. There was incest, illegitimate children, magic, a widowed stepmother, whores, disgusting princes, and crossdressers. What’s not to love?

The show did a great job staying true to the period with costuming and being based around real events. It was mysterious and dark and pushed the boundaries of what can be said and done on network television. The amount of “Fucks” uttered, sex scenes, and deaths made you double check that you weren’t watching HBO.

Without giving a lot away, the last hour in particular was a blood bath filled with twists. They closed this first chapter nicely, as well as opening it up for more. We also know who will and won’t be able to return for more.

Besides Tom Hardy being an amazing lead, Stephen Graham (Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire) had a standout performance as Atticus. I hope to see him in more projects soon.

Although it has not been renewed for a second season yet, the reviews have been great and the ratings were high. Tom Hardy has insinuated they have plans for 3 seasons. I am so thankful Tom Hardy decided to grace us with his abilities on the small screen and very hopeful we’ll see more James Delaney, eventually in America.



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