The Great Wall review

The Great Wall is the story of an elite Chinese army stationed on the iconic Great Wall to defend the world from an alien race of monsters called the Tao Tei. Matt Damon and Pedro Paseal are two mercenaries in search of black powder. On their journey they encounter the Great Wall and become prisoners. The commander, played by Jing Tian, is impressed by their fighting skills and recruits them to help fight the alien creatures.
  While the trailer made the movie seem epic, the actual movie falls well short of epic status. The special effects, the monsters, and the fight scenes were well made. However, the storyline and plot were weak with bland dialogue. Even the way the monsters were stopped was lack luster. While the movie did well overseas, especially in China, the US opening fell way below blockbuster status.
My rating of this is 5 arrows out of 10!

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