Happy Accidents

The Big Golden Statue is to Blame…

During the excitement of the Oscar predictions show with Brian and Tony, Tony may have made a tiny mistake. His teleprompter told him that A Separation was the foreign film that was nominated this year; however, that film won in 2011. What a great prediction…six years later. Tony meant to say that the foreign film nominated is The Salesman by the same director, Asghar Farhadi.

Games make us say the darndest things…
Roy and Nick were fully geeked out on Episode 19 as they got to introduce their other passion to the Take Too World (that’s right, another universe is being created), console/pc gaming! Unfortunately, Roy may have been looking ahead when he inaccurately included Speed 2 under Keanu Reeves poorly regarded films. Of course, Knock Knock is a more accurate representation of a bad Reeves film. In his movie news, Nick brought up that Disney is going to remake the Lion King. During the discussion, it was undetermined whether it would be a live-action imagining or a rebooted animation.  The Lion King, will in fact be a live action film, and it will be directed by Jon Favreau, who also did the live-action The Jungle Book.
As always, if you hear us make a mistake, call us on it at taketoopodcast@gmail.com or on twitter at @taketoopodcast. Also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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