Fifty Shades Darker

Directed by: James Foley

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan & Eric Johnson

50shadesLets be honest here. There are a small amount of reasons why folks are seeing this film. I can’t see too many folks seeing the trailer and being enthralled to see this film without already having an understanding of why these films were made.

That being said, this film was on par with the previous one and all three of the books – boring. The niche that was these books and the phenomenon that captured housewives across our country simply hasn’t translated to film. Maybe these characters don’t look like what we pictured in our minds as we read. Maybe the erotica was better suited for the imagination instead of actually seeing it visually. Maybe only being R-rated actually hurts. Maybe these films just aren’t any good.

This one actually has a decent plot line. Ana has a new boss that prefers to work very “hands-on”. Christian is now trying to prove to Ana that he has turned a new leaf and no longer needs his kinky ways. Interference though between Christian and Ana begins as one of his previous submissive’s returns and is not all there in the head. At very least your attention is more towards the development of these characters and a plot line more than just what kind of whip he will bring out next.

If you are into this series or saw the first one, or are in need of a little spark for you and the spouse this evening – go see this film. If you have zero to minimal interest, then I can’t help sway you because you’ll be upset you spent your hard earned $12.

5 out of 10

-Brian aka “Sexy Eyes Grey”

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