Bachelor Update 2-13-17

Two more eliminations. Two more hosts eliminated. But, some awkward breaking news that screams of spoilers??

the_bachelor_usa_logoThis weeks show saw two young ladies asked to go home. Each of those ladies were the last straw for both Beau and Brian. Those hosts now join Craig as being eliminated from our contest.

Some very awkward news was released during the day Monday before the show aired. The announcement of who will be next seasons Bachelorette was revealed! The awkward part….she’s still on this show! So there’s a pretty big spoiler included in that big reveal. Who is to blame for that little mis-hap?

Here is our updated standings and yes there are spoilers from this week – 2/13/17’s show! As you can see, Nick has a bit of a lead going into the hometown dates.

SPOILERS                             SPOILERS                            SPOILERS

Hosts and their remaining contestants:

Roy: Rachel

Tony: Vanessa

Nick: Corinne & Raven




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