Alternative Facts Episode 17

Ooops we did it again….

On our journey to perfection we made some unintentional mistakes. Like the big boys we are, we can admit when we are wrong.

In episode 17 Nick and Brian were in a stimulating conversation about Baywatch. Brian and fellow host Craig are planning to binge watch all 12 seasons of the TV show. While discussing the event, Brian made references to spin-offs of Baywatch. Baywatch had only one actual spin-off called Baywatch Nights. It did have a made-for-tv movie called Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise. Additionally, Brian did correct himself with identifying Dirty Dancing 2 as Havana Nights.

Nick was excited to tell Brian about some casting news for Pitch Perfect 3. John Lithgow has been added to the cast in the third film of this trilogy. The two then couldn’t remember if Lithgow had starred in the film ‘Footloose’. He did indeed star in this film as the father/preacher who worked hard to ban dancing from the town. Unfortunately, we did not see Lithgows musical or dancing talents to be able to judge how he will help the Pitch Perfect 3 cast. Be sure to catch the original Footloose to see some of Kevin Bacons sweet dance moves.

Other than these miscues the hosts were truly flawless…..

Will you be joining Craig and Brian on the Baywatch binge? Is Lithgow a good addition to the PP3 cast? Let us know your thoughts and happy listening!

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