This Was The XFL: ESPN 30 For 30


2001. The first Harry Potter movie and the first Lord of the Rings movie rule the box office. Wikipedia goes online, while Napster gets shut down. Apple introduces the iPod, which revolutionizes how music is bought and stored. And the XFL splashes on to the pro football scene to finally give the NFL some competition.
ESPN’s 30 for 30 films just recently released “This Was the XFL.” An in depth look at the meteoric rise and colossal fall of the Xtreme Football League. The XFL was the brain child of Vince McMahon, owner of WWF, and Dick Ebersol, creator of Saturday Night Live and then president of NBC. It was meant to provide football games during the off season of the NFL but not be as “stuffy.” Little rules¬†against roughness and in fact, little rules in general, were meant to make XFL football more “real.”
Whether you watched the XFL or not, truthfully even if you don’t watch sports at all, this is a great documentary to watch. You get current interviews with McMahon and Ebersol, along with former players, coaches, and reporters. You’ll learn how the hype of the XFL was so big before the first game that it ultimately became a major factor in its demise. One of the most fascinating aspects was learning all of the things the XFL did that the NFL claimed and still use to this day. Definitely give it a watch.

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