Girl on the Train

It took me long enough to see this film so I suppose its fitting that it has taken this long to get the review posted.

Directed by: Tate Taylor

Starring: Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux and Haley Bennett


This is the film adaptation of the novel written by Paula Hawkins. This film takes a basic plot and throws in a very interesting style of story telling that keeps you intrigued. Throughout the first act of the film you may find yourself a bit confused as to what exactly is going on. It’s ok to feel that way because I did as well.

The film centers mostly around Emily Blunts character who herself is never quite sure what has happened. She is an alcoholic whose life has turned sour. The film reveals she had the perfect life….or so she thought, when she was married to Justin Therouxs character. But now he has a new wife and a new life that anyone would be jealous of, let alone an alcoholic ex-wife.

Murder? Kidnapping? We’re not totally sure but through flashbacks and possible flash forwards the film releases details about this story to you a little at a time. Through confusion and misdirection you are constantly wondering just what exactly is going on and who did what?

I don’t want to and simply can’t get too far into the plot here because it would give it all away. The acting, especially Blunt, is very solid all around. I enjoy the difference in personality each woman brings into the film, no two characters are alike. Once finished you’ll understand the pacing of the film was for a reason and is what makes the film stand out. I wasn’t totally enamored with the ending. It cold have used an extra scene or so of build up. It wasn’t until replaying the whole story in my mind later that the ending felt justified.

I don’t recommend seeing this film in the theaters since it hasn’t been shown in one in roughly six months. If you dragged your feet like I did though, grab this thriller for your next in home movie night.

I’ll give it 6.5 outta 10



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