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News from around the wrestling world, from the top rope to the body slam

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first Craig’s Corner. I’ll post here periodically to give you a very basic rundown of what is happening in the wrestling world. With multiple promotions besides the WWE out now such as NXT and New Japan and Ring of Honor it can be a lot to try and follow. So I’m here to seep through it all and just give you basic news, reviews, and previews of what I feel the Take Too audience would want to know. Even if you don’t follow wrestling at all or haven’t in years, maybe some of these stories will peak your interest enough to check some out.

Royal Rumble Aftermath
As I mentioned on Take Too episode 15, there was a lot happening at the upcoming Royal Rumble. The Rumble happened and Randy Orton came out on top, which was a surprise for many. Orton now gets to wrestle whomever is World Champion at Wrestlemania in April. Currently that title is held by John Cena, who won it actually that same night, tying the record for holding the title 16 times in his career. Even though both have been in the WWE for years now, Orton and Cena have never touched each other in the ring so it will be interesting to see if that match happens at Wrestlemania or not.

Elimination Chamber Preview
The reason the Cena-Orton match might not happen at WWE’s biggest event in April is because this Sunday, Feb 12, John Cena will be defending his belt in the Elimination Chamber. What is the Elimination Chamber you ask? Oh it’s like something out of Mad Max’s Thunderdome and is just as crazy. Steel floors, chain link fence walls, and glass pods with wrestlers ready to burst out. You start with two wrestlers at center ring and randomly a glass pod will open and another fighter will join the mix. Eventually 6 fighters will be in the ring (Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, and Baron Corbin are our 6) and the last man standing wins the match. How can you NOT want to watch that?!
We also have the Smackdown Women’s Championship being defended by Alexa Bliss against Naomi. Plus the Smackdown Tag Team Champions America Alpha will be defending their belts too. As I also mentioned on Episode 15 it was revealed that La Luchadora was Mickey James and she’ll be fighting Sunday too. Against the woman she was trying to destroy Becky Lynch.

Lucha Underground to Netflix
Speaking of Lucha, one of my favorite wrestling franchises will finally be available for more people to watch. On February 15th, Lucha Underground is coming to Netflix! What is Lucha Underground you ask? It is by far the most entertaining sporting event you could watch. Aside from the common theme of Mexican lucha wrestling that includes high flying jumps and spins, it’s the storylines that make the show. When not showing action in the ring, the rest of the show is similar to a telemundo soap opera. Dramatic looks to the camera, undercover cops posing as wrestlers, brothers attacking brothers, kidnappings, family drama, everything you could want. Lucha Underground was previously only available on the El Rey Network, which only a few companies provided access to. Currently they are on a mid-season hiatus for season 3, returning for the second half on May 31. But before then you can catch up on Netflix and realize why I recommend this show to any and all I know.

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