Legion premieres tonight at 10 on FX

Legion is the first live action X-Men TV series. It will actually be connected to the current Marvel film series universe since Bryan Singer and Laura Schuler Donner are producing. Similar to the way the Netflix Marvel series take place in the same world as The Avengers. It was created by Noah Hawley, who had success with FX a few years ago on his version of Fargo. I was a big fan of Fargo and have faith in what he can bring to the show.


The main character is Legion, who is Professor X’s son in the X-Men comics. He is essentially a schizophrenic mutant, and the show was created to reflect his distorted reality while he is in the psychiatric hospital. Dan Stevens is the lead, he also plays the Beast in Disney’s March live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Jean Smart and Rachel Keller return to work with Hawley again, as they were both great on Fargo. Katie Aselton also returns to FX, she is known for her work on The League. I’m excited to see Aubrey Plaza return to TV as I was a big fan of her work on Parks and Rec. Jermaine Clement, from Flight of the Concords will also have a recurring role.

FX has ordered an 8 episode run for the first season. They do plan on hinting at the connection to Professor X, although there is no plan yet to have an actor portray him on the show. Obviously the cost would be an issue trying to tie in Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy, also Fox and Marvel don’t quite have full agreement on their properties so far. I’m intrigued by the trailers so far, it looks visually stunning. It seems like this is gonna be more of a thought provoking show, so not your typical superhero story with full costumes and battles. Hopefully it is successful enough that they will try to tie in some of the characters from the film series or vice versa. Check out Legion tonight and let us know what you think. Hit the contact button to email us or comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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