Bachelor Update

Here we go!

It’s getting good now folks! We have had so many eliminations since we last spoke. Nine girls total could not guard and protect Nicks heart so they are gone! This results in our first host being eliminated!

Here are your updated standings as of Feb. 7th, 2017. Please beware there are spoilers below!!



SPOILERS                                 SPOILERS                                 SPOILERS


This weeks episode saw six women eliminated.   Alexis, Whitney, Danielle L., Jaimi and our fan favorite Josephine were all sent home in one way or another. The loss of Danielle L. has sent our own Craig home. His bags are packed and he’s crying in the back of the limo as we speak.

Remaining Hosts and their contestants:

Roy:    Rachel

Tony:   Vanessa

Nick:   Corinne, Dominique & Raven


Brian: Danielle M.

Beau:  Kristina

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