Super Bowl Commercials and Trailers

The whole Take Too team watched the Super Bowl tonight, however this is an entertainment blog, so we wanted to discuss the commercials and trailers we saw.

An overall consensus was that the best ads were Honda with the celebrity yearbooks, the NFL Super Bowl babies, and Hyundai with a nice tribute to the troops. Honorable mention goes to Melissa McCarthy for her Kia ad, ending a big weekend for her after her surprise guest appearance on SNL. I also appreciated Bai teaching us how to say their drink’s name with an NSYNC song.

Sadly, one’s that were supposed to be funny like Sexy Mr. Clean, fell flat for us, or felt not appropriate for a family event. Also, Snickers tried to do a “live ad” that didn’t really seem to work. Ghost Spuds probably left most confused as they don’t remember the character. Justin Bieber looked like the Six Flags guy dancing around for T Mobile.

There were a lot of trailers also, yet most seemed to show us stuff we’ve seen before, like Logan, or Ghost in the Shell. The best trailers for us were Stranger Things season 2 and Guardian of the Galaxy 2. We also got a chuckle out of Baywatch, and a little excitement for The Fate of the Furious and Transformers: The Last Knight. Pirates 5 drew little interest, well because it’s the 5th one and the last few weren’t very good honestly. Life’s trailer ran before the game started, but I am looking forward to that one. One let down for us was no big reveal, like a Star Wars episode 8 teaser.

There were surprisingly only a few ads that had a political message, and they weren’t bad honestly. Coke’s ad has been shown before, but was meant to stir emotion in light of the recent presidential executive order. 84 lumber and Budweiser also chose to feature immigration issues in their ads. Audi was the winner taking a different approach by bringing equal women’s pay to their ad. I, for one, enjoyed that message and didn’t think any of the ads were over the top. I also found the That’s a 10 commercial funny with a political message about 4 years of bad hair.

The other ad trend was Fox beating us over the head with their upcoming properties. We get it, 24 is on later. We know you also have a channel called FX and Legion is premiering this week. Also, stop trying to make the Daytona 500 into an important national event, it just won’t ever be for most of the country, ok. They were also heavily pushing the new Nat Geo series Genius about Albert Einstein. Doubt you could’ve missed any of these.

The halftime show was thankfully politics free and pretty damn good. Lady Gaga earned a lot of respect with her show full of professionalism and a positive attitude. Her set list was a good mix of old and new and had a good energy in the performance as she jumped into the stadium and off the stage at the end. She was not the best ever, but definitely an enjoyable break from the game.

That wraps up our coverage of the big game, anything we missed? Agree or disagree with us? Let us know by clicking contact or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.


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