The Lost City of Z

A new trailer was released today for The Lost City of Z. It is based on a book from 2009 by David Grann. Yes, another book is being mentioned here, aren’t we fancy? Brian, Craig, and I all just recently read this book as part of our book club. It is the true story of Percy Fawcett, an explorer who went missing in the Amazon in 1925 while searching for an ancient lost city. In the subsequent years many other expeditions tried to find him or even just evidence of his disappearance and others disappeared as well. The author made his own excursion into the jungle in hopes of finding new evidence of Fawcett and of the lost city of Z. I personally enjoyed the book. I found it a little slow in the beginning, but then it definitely picked up the pace and felt like a thriller or detective film. We actually read the book knowing it was soon to be adapted to film and today they released a full trailer.

Looks pretty good, right? Charlie Hunnam stars as Fawcett, Sienna Miller is his wife Nina, Tom Holland plays his son, and Robert Pattinson is a fellow explorer. It’s produced by Brad Pitt’s company and he was originally supposed to star. I am really looking forward to this one, you still have time to read it first. Otherwise, look for our review in April.


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