Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix

gallery-1483614941-pjimage-57Netflix released the first season of their new original series “Santa Clarita Diet” on Friday. I watched the whole season so I could give the Take Too readers a full impression of the series. While I will admit that “Santa Clarita Diet” might not be for everyone, I personally loved the show.
The story surrounds couple Sheila and Joel, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, living the boring, repetitive suburban lifestyle with their daughter Abby, played by Liv Hewson. All that takes a drastic turn when Shiela becomes a zombie who must feed on human flesh. The nosy cop neighbor, the slimy fellow real estate agent, the nerd boy next door are all people that the family must avoid letting know their secret. Trying to satisfy Sheila’s new hunger and still be sure to get to neighborhood cookouts lead to hilarious situations. How do you make small talk, when you just spent the morning stuffing a body into a freezer?
While most of the acting is done well, I think the standout star of the show is Timothy Olyphant. He does a great job as husband Joel who just wants to keep his wife happy and make sure that everything stays as normal as possible. Even if that means he has to make body part smoothies for his wife to drink during her walking group. I will admit that the blood and gore could be a little too much for some viewers. This is definitely a dark comedy and pushes the boundaries of horror and comedic sitcom situations. If you watch horror movies, then you won’t be shocked by what you see on screen. However, due to the lighthearted and funny nature of where the show starts, if someone is not prepared they could be bothered by some scenes. It’s never scary I would say, but definitely not appetizing. When podcast host Nick asked if he should eat before or after watching, all I could really say is you for sure don’t want to eat during.

With only 10 episodes, each under 30 minutes, I would recommend “Santa Clarita Diet” to anyone who has a dark sense of humor. But this is not one to gather the whole family around and watch together.

7.5 people smoothies out of 10


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