Imperial Dreams

Imperial Dreams was the Audience Award winner at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. It was just released today on Netflix. I feel like 2014 me would’ve enjoyed the film more. Let me explain…


2014 me would’ve been more impressed by John Boyega since I wouldn’t have already seen him as Finn in The Force Awakens. I enjoyed his work in Attack the Block, but this was a different role for him. However, Finn was a much better role for him and I know he can do better than I saw here.

John Boyega plays Bambi, he’s just being released from prison and plans to straighten out his life and take care of his son. If this sounds cliche already, it’s because we’ve seen it before. If you’ve watched Menace II Society, or Boyz N The Hood, or Fruitvale Station they did this style of movie better. Even Moonlight seems similar, and better. I felt like the script was just filling in the stereotypical blanks and checking off the hardships for the character to experience. It just seemed very formulaic to me. Boyega was not bad, and all the supporting cast did well with what they were given. I just felt like it was just ok. It entertained me enough for an hour and a half but that’s it. Nothing special here, no standout performances either. Maybe that explains the 3 year wait for us to finally be able to see it. Surprisingly it is an award winner and gets good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe I’m missing something? Has anyone else seen it and have a different opinion? If so, let us know at


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