Powerless premieres Thursday Feb 2nd at 830 on NBC


Powerless is DC’s first attempt at a comedy in it’s extended universe. It features Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke the Director of R and D for Wayne Security. Yes, that Wayne, well kind of… Bruce Wayne’s cousin Van Wayne, played by Alan Tudyk(K2-SO in Rogue One), runs the company that specializes in products to protect the public from the damage superheroes cause. Danny Pudi(Community) and Ron Funches also co-star as coworkers within the Wayne Security company.

DC has confirmed it will feature some lesser known characters in the show.Early reviews have been a bit iffy, considering a showrunner change and a reshoot of the pilot episode over the summer. However, I found the trailers semi-funny and will give it a chance. NBC has a good track record with the workplace comedies like The Office and Parks and Rec. I also am happy to see DC branching out and trying something different, let’s hope it works out. Set your DVR’s and email us or let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.


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