Beware the Slenderman

Almost 7 feet tall. Dressed in an all-black suit. No face. Tentacles that can grab you coming out of his back.  The Slenderman is a frightening creature created in the depths of the internet that has taken hold of the world.  He stalks children all over the world and, depending on who you talk to, he is either there to kidnap them or save them.  If you’ve never heard of The Slenderman, realize that you just need to talk to any teenager and they will inform you of this terrifying creature.  A new HBO documentary has recently come out that will open your eyes to the origins and stories behind Slenderman.  


If you think you may have heard of the Slenderman, the story grew in popularity in 2014 when two girls repeatedly stabbed their friend because the Slenderman told them to kill her.  Yeah, that happened. In real life! The documentary tells how Slenderman came into existence , grew to take over the dark world stories of the internet, until eventually leading to these two girls deciding “we should be his proxies” and kill their friend.

I loved this documentary, especially all the creepiness involved in the story.  The pictures and  YouTube videos thrown throughout the real life interviews of the two girls almost leads you to feel sorry for them.  You start to question if the Slenderman is fake or if he might actually be real.  Does this modern day boogeyman actually stalk playgrounds and parks looking for children to snatch up? Check it out on HBO and let me know what you think.


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