Alternative Facts Episode 15

Take Too works hard at providing an accurate and entertaining show. Occasionally we do make mistakes, like mispronouncing names or attributing work to the wrong people. Because we are always looking to improve and provide you, our fans, with precise information, we invite you to correct us when we slip up. Each week, we will post corrections, if needed. We will start with Episode 15. Please email us at, tweet us @taketoopodcast, or leave comments here on the blog with our mistakes and we will post them here for all to see.

Episode 15:

Brian in his excitement misspoke when he said Charlie Huffman and meant to say Charlie Hunnam. Brian knows that he has blood in his veins but he meant that he has ice in his veins. Truth be told, he is a big baby when it comes to romcoms. He always needs a box of tissues for them! Lastly, the group alluded to the movies/novels of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train being in the same universe. In fact, each was written by different authors. Gone Girl is written by Gillian Flynn and The Girl on the Train is written by Paula Hawkins. Have a great day!

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