Updated Bachelor standings


If you have not seen episode 3 of this seasons The Bachelor that aired on 1/16/17 then please stop reading!! Otherwise, or if you don’t care about getting spoiled, please read on to see who was eliminated this week.



Three girls were eliminated this week and thus three contestants from our Take Too Podcast hosts have been bounced! Lacey, Hailey and Elizabeth were all sent packin’.  Craig loses his third and Roy loses his second but Nick finally loses his first contestant from the show !

Here are your updated standings for our hosts with whom they have remaining:

Roy: Whitney, Astrid & Rachel

Tony: Vanessa & Brittany

Nick: Corinne, Dominique, Taylor & Raven

Craig: Danielle L. & Sarah

Brian: Danielle M., Alexis & Jasmine G.

Beau: Christen, Jaimi, Kristina & Josephine

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