DVR Alert…Taboo Premieres Tonight at 10 on FX


Just a quick reminder that Taboo starts tonight on FX. I spoke about it briefly in our latest episode. Tom Hardy stars and is billed as co-creator. Ridley Scott(Alien, Blade Runner) is also listed as a producer on this 8 episode mini-series joint venture with BBC One. So far they aren’t giving much information as to a plot synopsis, however I am really looking forward to this one with high hopes.

Tom Hardy plays an adventurer returning to England in 1814 after the death of his father. He is seeking vengeance and to claim his inheritance. He also possesses 14 stolen diamonds. He butts heads with his half sister and a major company with political aspirations.

I have always enjoyed Tom Hardy’s work from Bronson to Inception, Warrior to The Revenant, and defining turns as Bane in Dark Knight Rises and as Mad Max. Franka Potenta(Bourne Identity), Jonathan Pryce(Game Of Thrones) and Michael Kelly(House Of Cards) round out the cast with supporting roles. Sounds and looks intriguing, hope it’s worth the watch!


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