The lost episode… Best of 2016 and Looking ahead to 2017

Monday January 2nd, for the first time, all 6 hosts got together for a special podcast. What better reason do 6 men get together than to complete a Bachelor fantasy draft? I think a few of us were apprehensive at first and most are not even fans or had never even watched the show before. However, it worked great! We all had fun and had great chemistry together. We enjoyed it so much that we all decided to record the weekly episode together. The episode focused on the best of 2016 and what we were looking forward to for 2017. It was controlled chaos with some fun joking between the hosts. We pretty much agreed on most things, however, each person brought distinct interests. We wrapped and everyone was pleased with the outcome and looking forward to more opportunities to get everyone together again…but you’ll never hear it. Sadly due to technical difficulties the episode needed to be scrapped, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I did want to use the blog to recap some of the highlights you would’ve heard though.

Most of the hosts had similar titles mentioned for their favorite films of 2016. Of course Rogue One and Civil War were high on most lists. Doctor Strange and Jungle Book were also mentioned by a few hosts. Arrival has also been a favorite of Take Too so much that we did a special episode all about it. Deadpool made everyone’s list but Nick’s, shocking I know, but he did add Nice Guys to the list. Zootopia and Moana represented our love of Disney animation. Brian also loved La La Land, you can find his review further down the blog. I gave a spot in my top 5 to Hell or High Water, which I also reviewed on here. My last selection was 10 Cloverfield Lane which I thought was a great entry from early in 2016. It was a post apocalyptic film, with horror, and sci-fi elements and great performances from a very small cast including John Goodman. Craig really enjoyed the horror western Bone Tomahawk (although released in late 2015, it found more viewers when released on DVD and streaming). We all also agreed on our disappointments of the year being the DC films Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman, as well as Xmen: Apocalypse.

We also briefly touched on some of our favorite TV shows from 2016. Westworld on HBO was a favorite of mine I spoke about on the podcast before. Intriguing first season, looking forward to where it may lead. As well as Black Mirror, which you can find my review of on the blog. Brian mentioned Stranger Things on Netflix and This Is Us on NBC, both great new additions we loved and are looking forward to more episodes soon. We touched on Netflix’s Marvel shows, Luke Cage was fantastic last year and and we have Iron Fist and The Defenders to look forward to in 2017. A few other favorites of mine from 2016 were HBO’s The Night Of, The People Vs. OJ, American Horror Story, and The Americans on FX. One show I think doesn’t get talked about enough is USA’s Mr. Robot. All great shows that I can’t wait to see more of soon. Of course we are always your go to for coverage of all the DC shows on CW and that will continue in 2017.

2017 TV shows have us excited too, Brian is looking forward to the Wizard of Oz reimagining Emerald City on NBC. I have watched the first new episode of Sherlock and will have a review for the blog once the 3 episode season is over. I also just started into the 2nd season of Amazon’s Man on the High Castle. I caught up late on the 1st season but it has me intrigued, a review is forthcoming once I complete the new season. HBO’s Leftovers will be back for a final season. What a fascinating show, that I hope we get some answers and closure on. Showtime’s Homeland comes back for a new season as well as House of Cards on Netflix. Taboo is a brand new 8 episode miniseries coming to FX that I am looking forward to. Ridley Scott and Tom Hardy collaborating has got me sucked in. FX will bring us Legion which is connected to the Xmen series, NBC brings a DC universe show called Powerless, and Starz will tackle Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, previously thought to be unadaptable. Craig is looking forward to the Archie comics being reimagined for TV as Riverdale on CW. Big year ahead for TV and it’s only January, I’m sure there will be plenty for us to talk about all year!

The final subject everyone wanted to talk about was the films of 2017 we are most excited for. A lot of the same titles were mentioned by all, Star Wars Episode 8, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Spiderman Homecoming is Beau’s pick. Brian and Nick want to see more from DC with Wonder Woman and Justice League. Roy is looking forward to Guy Ritchie’s take on King Arthur starring Charlie Hunnam, the newest Transformers film, also Stephen King’s Dark Tower finally coming to the screen with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. Craig will 100% be seeing XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, John Wick 2 and of course…Lego Batman. Brian is looking forward to Baywatch, The Mummy and Christopher Nolan’s World War II film Dunkirk. Nick and I are looking forward to Kong: Skull Island and Blade Runner 2049. Nick’s biggest #geekboner will be from Alien:Covenant or Ghost in the Shell though, because…he is a sci-fi geek.

It was a jam packed hour of discussion, recapping what we talked about loses all the energy and humor. However, as you can see we are all excited for 2017 and committed to bring you passionate reviews on the podcast and blog. We have high hopes and goals for this year so please keep listening and reading. Eventually you will witness the magic of all 6 of us at once!


** UPDATE ** As of January 14th, a rough edit version of what remained of the episode has been posted. Visit Itunes or Podomatic to hear it for yourself

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